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Legacy Programs. . . Leave A Positive Mark on LCC Day School!
The Legacy Program consists of inspirational supporters that champion LCC Day School. Those that designate LCC Day School in their estate plans, provide other types of planned gifts, or make a contribution to the Legacy Fund become members of, and are recognized through, the Legacy Program's gift clubs and societies. These gifts are important in sustaining the mission of LCC Day School and ensuring its continued success into the future. By recognizing the members of the Legacy Program's gift clubs and societies, LCC Day School hopes the example of generosity, good stewardship, and commitment of these members will inspire others to respond in kind.

Strategic Initiatives of the Legacy Program

* Funding long-term capital improvements of the school.

* Expanding on the school's professional development fund when needed.

This fund has a direct impact on our students through the continued professional development of our staff.

LCC Day School Legacy Program Gift Clubs

Century Society - $100,000 or more

Panther Pride Club - $50,000 - $99,999

Red and White Club - $25,000 - $49,999

Loyal Panthers Club - $10,000 - $24,999

Friends of LCC Day School - $99 to $9,999

1969 Bequest Society - Those who remember LCC Day School in their wills, bequests and other estate gifts such as life insurance, annuities, remainder trusts, etc., are members of the 1969 Bequest Society, and are important to preserving the future of LCC Day School.

In-Kind Gifts - Gifts in-kind, which are donations of goods and services, while not monetary in nature, result in saving the school added expenses to cover the costs of materials, services, and labor. LCC Day School is grateful to those who donate goods and services to the school. The school also appreciates and encourages those who are capable to serve the school through their time and talent by volunteering their professional services.

Your donations to our Legacy Program are deeply appreciated! Click below to make a secure donation.
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